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The future is so bright (i gotta wear shades) 

A film by  Julien Eon   

produced by

The future is so bright - Teaser

"A twisted blend of rock & cinema"

"An unusual and dream-like work at the crossroads of genres"


The future is so bright (i gotta wear shades) - 24'

English subtitles

The future is so bright (i gotta wear shades) - Narrative Fiction (short).

2016. 24'. Digital cinema (Red Epic). Color.

Produced by Le Petit Remorqueur

Written & directed by Julien Eon

Dialogues Julien Eon & Marc Cosnard des Closets

Director of photography Xavier Dolléans

Starring Patrick Albenque, Maryne Bertieaux, Paul Spera, Christian Mazzuchini



Rocker Dick Traverse is a tour manager based in France. Washed out by a sterile existence, Dick is about to call it quits. During his next tour with an obscure norwegian pagan-metal band he meets some mysterious and lunatic people. Will he listen to them and be able to re-enchant is life ?

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